Jamesburg GOP for 2015


To all Jamesburg GOP Volunteers, Supporters and Voters:

We want to send out a hearty thank you to everyone who worked so hard on behalf of our campaign and took time to cast their ballot. This election was more about cause, action and revelation... We are incredibly proud and inspired to live in such a passionate and civically engaged community and we learned a lot from the people of this borough.

Though our election bid came up short this time, our campaign for innovation, transparency and responsible government continues. Now is not the time to end this movement, but rather, it is time to embrace change and get behind our elected officials, support them and work together for a better Jamesburg.


Jamesburg GOP 2015 Campaign


Gibbons, Scillieri & Lawrence

Leadership. Stewardship. Innovation.
Moving the Borough Forward!

  Jamesburg GOP for 2015

Vote Column A on November 3rd!

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